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March 6, 2017

5:15 P.M.



The city council met in regular session with the following present:  Mayor Jack E. Rowden; Councilmen Dean Banker, Dan Corpening, Shannon Crawford, Jason Teeter, and Frankie Thomas.


Others present were City Inspector Josh Grubbs, City Clerk Thomas G. Hicks, Outside Utilities Supervisor Paul Nordyke, Electric and Park Systems Supervisor Gary Rowden, Carrie Baeza, Joe Moss, Brad Musgrove, Richard Roybal, Rickie Sessions, Tron Stegman, Brian Tabor, and Ruthie Winget.


Mayor Jack E. Rowden presided.


Motion by Councilman Dan Corpening, seconded by Councilman Jason Teeter, that the minutes of the meeting of February 6, 2017 be approved as mailed.  Motion carried.


Each member of the governing body was provided a copy of Municipal Judge Paula Sosa’s report for the month of February, showing 14 new cases brought before the court and $1,445.00 remitted to the city.  Motion by Shannon Crawford, seconded by Frankie Thomas, to accept the report.  Motion carried.



Bids were opened for the purchase of a new trash truck.

   Key Equipment & Supply Co.

      2018 Peterbilt chassis  and packer                $202,395.00

   Southwestern Equipment Company

      2018 Peterbilt chassis and packer                 $174,600.00

      2018 Freightliner (Amarillo) and packer      $165,900.00

      2018 Freightliner (Liberal) and packer         $162,011.00

After discussion about repairs and maintenance issues with Freightliner, motion by Councilman Banker, seconded by Councilman Crawford, to accept the bid of Southwestern Equipment Company in the amount of $174,600.00 for the 2018 Peterbilt chassis and packer.  Motion carried.



City Inspector Josh Grubbs provided his monthly activities report.



Insurance Services Office has contacted the city inspector about conducting an audit of the city’s building code effectiveness enforcement.  Not knowing about the impact of such an audit, no action was taken.



Brad Musgrove summarized the renewal package for the city’s insurance policies with Employers Mutual Companies.  Motion by Corpening, seconded by Thomas, to accept the package as proposed.  Motion carried.






Motion by Dean Banker, seconded by Frankie Thomas, that a cereal malt beverage license for the remainder of calendar year 2017 be approved for Nieto’s Café for consumption on the premises at 110 West Fourth Street.  Motion carried.



Motion by Dan Corpening, seconded by Shannon Crawford, that Ordinance No. 838, AN ORDINANCE PROVIDING FOR AN ADDITIONAL EXCEPTION FOR THE USE OF PROPANE FOR HEATING WITHIN THE CORPORATE LIMITS OF THE CITY OF HUGOTON, KANSAS, AMENDING SECTION 4-1201(c) OF CHAPTER 4, ARTICLE 12 OF THE CODE OF THE CITY OF HUGOTON, KANSAS, 2011, ADDING SECTION 4-1201(d) FOR USE OF PROPANE IN RECREATIONAL VEHICLE PARKS, AND REPEALING ALL ORDINANCES OR PARTS OF ORDINANCES IN CONFLICT HEREWITH, be passed.  Vote:  Councilman Banker, yes; Councilman Corpening, yes; Councilman Crawford, yes; Councilman Teeter, yes; and Councilman Thomas, yes.  Motion carried.



Due to the lack of progress on replacing the city’s deteriorated water mains, City Clerk Thomas G. Hicks presented for consideration a proposal to increase water rates.  In 2017, water rates would increase from $1.05 per thousand gallons to $1.40 per thousand gallons; the water customer charge would increase from $11.50 per month to $12.50 per month.; the water improvement charge would increase from $10.00 per month to $12.50 per month; and the bulk water rate would increase from $2.50 per thousand gallons to $3.50 per thousand gallons.  In 2018 and 2019, water rates would be increased by $.35 per thousand gallons, to $1.75 per thousand gallons and $2.10 per thousand gallons, respectively.  Such action is projected to increase revenues by $198,664.54 in 2017/2018, $318,936.09 in 2018/2019, and $439,207.64 in 2019/2020.  The city council was not interested in raising rates so drastically.



Outside Utilities Supervisor Paul Nordyke notified the city council water well #8 has two holes in the casing.  A liner can be inserted at a cost of $70,000.00.  It is uncertain how long that will correct the problem in a 50-year old well.  The other option is to move over and re-drill the well.  Nordyke will gather additional information.



American Implement, Inc. has provided a bid of $12,657.04 for a John Deere Z950R commercial Ztrak mower and grass catcher.  Motion by Banker, seconded by Thomas, to accept the bid.  Motion carried.



Bids were considered to replace intersections or bad spots in streets.

                                                     East side of                  South side of      Six spots on      Alley approach between

                                                     Jackson & NW Ave.  12th & Monroe   6th & Adams    Washington & Jayhawk 

Angel Martinez Construction $6,300.00                   $5,500.00           $3,800.00         $1,300.00

M & R Construction                 $6,880.00                   $4,320.00           $3,800.00         $1,550.00

Motion by Dan Corpening, seconded by Dean Banker, to accept the bids of Angel Martinez Construction  for $6,300.00 and $1,300.00 and to accept the bids of M & R Construction for $4,320.00 and $3,800.00.  Motion carried.






The city clerk presented copies of the city’s current water conservation and water emergency plans.  Both documents are to be reviewed annually for updates at the April city council meeting.



Councilman Jason Teeter presented the Board of Convention and Tourism Activities recommendation for expenditures from the Transient Guest Tax Fund.  Motion by Crawford, seconded by Corpening, to approve expenditures of $1,632.00 for the Wild West Country Guide advertisement, $750.00 to Dust Bowl Riders, $750.00 to Annie Get Your Gun, and $750.00 to Hugoton High School for the Blue and Red Classic.  The city clerk is authorized to issue the check to Wild West Country.  Motion carried.


Claims against the city were presented and audited.  Motion by Thomas, seconded by Banker, that Appropriation Ordinances No. 2073 and 2074 be passed.  Motion carried.


Motion by Crawford, seconded by Teeter, that the meeting adjourn.




















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