The City of Hugoton is interconnected with Pioneer Electric Cooperative, Inc. of Ulysses, Kansas. The City has the capability of producing its own electricity through seven generators located at Plant #2, 1601 S. Washington. At times when it is not possible to purchase all of the city's power requirement, these generators are put into use.

The power plant assures the best quality of service possible for our community. Two full-time mechanics and one plant technician are available at all times for repairs as needed.

The plants employ shift operators who are responsible for monitoring all the engines and gauges hourly to ensure quality uninterrupted service.

Powerplant2For questions concerning the power plant, call 620-544-2478.

Even though uninterrupted power is our main goal, at times power outages occur due to extreme weather, natural disaster, equipment failure, or other unforeseeable conditions. The electric department assures the customer that power will be restored in a timely manner as soon as the problem can be repaired.

Always keep a flashlight and extra batteries nearby in case of a power outage. Disconnect any appliances or electronic equipment you were using when the power went out. Leave one light turned on to alert you when the power returns.


The following history was printed in an article of the newspaper dated September 7, 1928.

"In 1920 the City officials decided that the City of Hugoton should have a light and water system so as to better the living conditions of our City. The City voted bonds and built this plant which was put in operation on the 25th day of October, 1920."

"This plant consisted of two, 50 H.P. Fairbanks-Morse Diesel Engines directly connected to alternators with the equipment needed to make these a complete unit. The plant started with 35 connected meters. The water system was not completed until the 24th of December, 1920, and consisted of one deep well pump connected to a motor."

"As the first building was only large enough to house the two small engines, it was necessary to increase the size of the building to accommodate the large engine. This was done without a bond issue. The entire cost of the improvement was paid out of the earnings from the plant. This plant went through trying times as the load was small at first and the operating cost was high as this plant was built just after the war."

"In 1921, the total output was 62,545 KW at a cost of .117 per KW hour for operating expense. In 1925, the total output was 121,560 KW, operating cost .058."

The date this article was printed, there were 240 electric meters and 144 water meters being used in this community. That number has since grown to an estimated 2,365 electric meters and 1,708 water meters.


Plant Unit# Type Make Model# KW HP RPM Cyl. Year Built Year Installed
2 1 Engine/Generator Fairbanks Morse 31AD18 2325 3500 277 10 1663 1964
2 2 Engine/Generator Colt Pielstick-FM

Ideal Electric**

14PC2DF 5000 6090 514 V-14 1973 1994
2 3 Engine/Generator Colt Pielstick-FM

Ideal Electric

12PC2DF 4300 6000 514 V-12 1982 1983
2 4 Engine/Generator Fairbanks Morse 3800TDD8-1/8 2070 2880 720 OP-12 1971 1972
2 5 Engine/Generator Fairbanks Morse 31AD18 2500* 3500 277 10 1961 1996
2 6 Engine/Generator Fairbanks Morse 31AD18 3000* 4200 277 12 1967 1996
2 7 Engine/Generator Caterpillar


G399TA 800 915 1200 V-16 1978 1996

*=At No FT. Elevation (rating at sea level)

**=Replace Generator in 1999 after explosion in 1997.


#3 Engine at Plant 2.


(listed from current to past)
Gary Rowden (November 8, 2004 to present)
Steve Wiebe (January 1, 2000-October 24, 2004)
Jerry Leonard (July 1,1987-Dec. 31,1999)
Everett Rowden (1970-1987)
Howard Gracey