Contractors licenses are required for contractors wishing to do business in the city of Hugoton. There are four types: mechanical, building, electrical, and plumbing. These licenses cost $50.00 annually payable to the City of Hugoton. To obtain an annual license, the contractor must show proof of insurance ($250,000 liability) plus continuing education if applicable to the City Inspector.


The Building Inspector is responsible for issuing permits for construction projects, electrical work, plumbing, underground sprinkler systems, the installation of new mobile homes, and various other projects.

These permits may be obtained at the City Office at 631 S. Main during regular business hours.

The fees for these permits vary according to the type and size of the project.


As the progress of a project takes place, the Building Inspector must check different stages of the project before proceeding to the next stage. To schedule an inspection, call the City Office at 620-544-8531.

When installing a mobile home on a lot that is not established, the gas lines, plumbing, and electrical work must be inspected prior to service. The proper permits and procedures must have taken place before electric and water service will begin. Call the City Inspector for the latest ordinances pertaining to mobile homes before you purchase property.

For specific questions regarding licenses, permits, and inspections, contact the Building Inspector at the City Office during regular business hours. You may also contact the inspector by email at