Article 1.   Municipal Court
                                                Article 2.   Appearance Bonds
                                                Article 3.   Housing Fee         


                                                  ARTICLE 1. MUNICIPAL COURT

            NOTE:  The Kansas code of procedure for municipal courts is found in K.S.A. 12-4101 through 12-4701, inclusive, and amendments thereto.  This code of procedure is self-executing and requires no action by the city to become applicable to the city.  The only means by which a city can alter any procedure established in the code adopted by the legislature is through the use of a charter ordinance.

9-101.              COURT ESTABLISHED.  A municipal court of the City of Hugoton, Kansas is hereby created and established to be presided over by a municipal judge.

9-102.              CODE OF PROCEDURE.  The provisions of the Kansas Code of Procedure for Municipal Courts, being Chapter 12, Articles 41 to 46, inclusive, Kansas Statutes Annotated, are by this reference incorporated into and made a part of this article, as if the same had been set out in full herein.

9-103.              PLACE; TIME.  The municipal judge shall hold court in a room to be supplied by the city and said court shall be held on each Thursday, except as the business thereof may require.  (Code 1971)

9-104.              EMPLOYMENT OF PRISONERS.  (a)  The chief of police, under the direction of the governing body, may cause any able-bodied prisoner confined in the city jail after being convicted of a violation of an ordinance of the city to work at suitable public employment for not to exceed eight hours on each working day.
(b)  A person so employed shall be given credit at the rate of $5 a day on any fine imposed upon him or her.  (K.S.A. 22-4603; Code 1971)

9-105.              REPORT OF MUNICIPAL JUDGE.  The municipal judge shall, at the first regular meeting of the governing body of each month, make a full and complete written report of the proceedings before the judge for the preceding month.  The report shall state the names of all persons prosecuted before the judge, the amount of the fine and costs assessed (if any), the amount thereof collected, and the final disposition of the case.  The report shall be filed with the city clerk who shall present the same to the governing body.  (Code 1971)


                                               ARTICLE 2. APPEARANCE BONDS

9-201.              BOND AUTHORIZED.  Any person arrested for the violation of any city ordinance may post an appearance bond as provided by K.S.A. 12-4213.  (Code 1971; Code 1983)

9-202.              SAME:  AMOUNTS.  Appearance bonds for the following designated offenses with Standard Traffic Ordinance and Uniform Public Offense Code references may be secured as provided in K.S.A. 12-4301 and are hereby designated as follows:


SECTION                   OFFENSE                                                      MINIMUM/MAXIMUM

6          Failure to Obey a Traffic Officer                                            $50
18        Defacing Traffic Control Device                                            $50/500
23        Failure to Stop at an Injury Accident                                      $300/2,500
24        Failure to Stop at a Property Damage Accident                    $100/500
25        Duty to Give Information and Render Aid                              $100/500
26        Duty Upon Striking Unattended Vehicle or Property             $50
27        Duty to Report Accident                                                         $50
28        False Reports                                                                          $100
29        Reckless Driving                                                                     $100/500
30        DUI – 1st Offense                                                                   $500/1000
30        DUI – 2nd Offense                                                                  $1,000/1,500
31        Fleeing or Attempting to Elude LEO                                       $150/1,000
31        Fleeing or Attempting to Elude LEO – 2nd                              $200/2,500
37        Drag Racing                                                                            $100/500
74        Pedestrian Under Influence of Alcohol/Drugs                                    $50
104      Inattentive Driving                                                                   $50
105      Consumption of Alcohol/CMB While Driving                         $100/500
106      Transportation of Open Container of Alcohol                         $100/200
125      Driving Across Lawn, Sidewalks, etc.                                                $50
177      Obstructed Windshield                                                                        $50
192      No Driver’s License                                                                $100/1,000
192      No Driver’s License – 2nd                                                       $150/1,000
194      Driving While Suspended/Cancelled/Revoked                                  $300/1,000
194      Driving While Suspended/Cancelled/Revoked          - 2nd               $400/2,500
195      Driving in Violation of Restrictions                                          $50/250
195      Driving in Violation of Restrictions – 2nd                                 $100/500
196      Unauthorized Operator                                                           $50
197      Unauthorized Minor                                                                $50
198      Vehicle Registration Violation                                                 $50/2,500
199      Unlawful Use of License                                                         $50/1,000
200      No Liability Insurance                                                             $200/500
(Ord. 783)


Section                        Class   Offense                                                                       Minimum/Maximum

3.1                   B          Battery                                                                                                $200/500
3.1.1                A          Domestic Battery                                                                    $200/2,500
3.1.1                A          Domestic Battery – 2nd Offense                                             $500/2,500
3.2                   A          Battery on Law Enforcement Officer                                     $500/2,500
3.3                   C         Assault                                                                                                $100/500
3.4                   A          Assault on Law Enforcement Officer                                     $500/2,500
3.8.1                A          Violation of Protective Order                                                  $200/2,500
5.8                   C         Minor in Possession of Alcohol                                               $200/500
6.1                   A          Theft                                                                                        $500/2,500
6.7                   B          Criminal Trespass                                                                   $200/500
7.2                   A          Obstructing Legal Process                                                     $500/2,500
9.1                   C         Disorderly Conduct                                                                 $100/500
9.10                 A          Harassment by Telecommunications Device                                    $500/2,500
10.5                 B          Discharge of Firearm                                                              $200/500
(Ord. 784)
            For “Careless Driving,” 14-208, the appearance bond shall be $50.  (Ord. 572)

9-203.              SAME:  ADDITIONAL OFFENSES.  Bonds for other offenses shall be in such an amount as may be determined by the municipal judge.  (K.S.A. 12-4301; Code 1983)

9-204.              MUNICIPAL JUDGE KEEP RECORD; APPEARANCE BONDS.  The municipal judge shall keep a record of all appearance bonds received and the disposition thereof.  All appearance bonds declared forfeited including the portion constituting court costs, shall be paid by the municipal judge to the city clerk.  The city clerk shall give a receipt therefor and credit the same to the general fund of the city.  The municipal judge shall file all such receipts in the appearance bond record in his or her office.  (Code 1971)



9-301.              HOUSING FEE CREATED.  A Housing Fee for housing, transfer, and medical care of each inmate, consisting of the amount actually paid by the City to the Stevens County Jail, other facility, or medical provider, shall be and hereby is assessed against every inmate housed for violation of the City’s Municipal Code or at the direction of the Municipal Court, for each day prior to and after conviction for a violation of the Municipal Code.
            (Ord. 769, Sec. 1)

9-302.              SENTENCING.  At the time of sentencing, the Municipal Court shall impose the Housing Fee and notify the defendant/inmate of the amount of such Housing Fee, if known at that time.  If not paid in full at the time of sentencing, such Housing Fee shall be included in a single payment plan, along with the payment of costs and fines to the Court.  Any restitution, court costs, or fines owed by any inmate shall take priority over this Housing Fee, however.
            (Ord. 769, Sec. 2)

9-303               UNDUE HARDSHIP.  If the inmate alleges the Housing Fee would create an undue hardship on the inmate, the inmate may, by motion to the Municipal Court, request that such Housing Fee be waived and/or reduced.  The Court shall weigh the evidence to determine, in its discretion, whether such Housing Fee will, in fact, create an undue hardship on the inmate.  If the Court determines the Housing Fee will create an undue hardship, the Court may waive or reduce the Housing Fee.
            (Ord. 769, Sec. 3)

9-304.              REMEDY.  If the inmate fails to pay such Housing Fee, the City may utilize all remedies available to the Court to collect the amount due should the inmate fail or refuse to make the promised payments under a Municipal Court-ordered payment plan.
            (Ord. 769, Sec. 4)

9-305.              METHODS OF PAYMENT.  The inmate shall pay the Housing Fee charged pursuant to this legislation, by cash, check or money order.  Any Housing Fees paid by the inmate, shall be paid to the Municipal Court Clerk, who shall forward the entire amount to the City Clerk for deposit in the City general fund.
            (Ord. 769, Sec. 5)

9-306.              OTHER REIMBURSEMENT.  If the City is otherwise entitled to receive reimbursement or compensation for the maintenance of an inmate who is required to pay Housing Costs, and such reimbursement or compensation constitutes the entirety of the costs of maintaining such inmate the amount paid by such inmate shall be deducted from the amount of the other reimbursement or compensation to which the City is entitled.
            (Ord. 769, Sec. 6)