June 5, 2017
5:15 P.M. 

The city council met in regular session with the following present:  Mayor Jack E. Rowden; Councilmen Dean Banker, Dan Corpening, Shannon Crawford, and Jason Teeter.  Absent:  Councilman Frankie Thomas. 

Others present were City Inspector Josh Grubbs, City Clerk Thomas G. Hicks, Chief of Police Courtney Leslie, Outside Utilities Supervisor Paul Nordyke, Electric System Supervisor Gary Rowden, City Attorney Wayne R. Tate, Carrie Baeza, Mike Eshbaugh, Jan Leonard, Scott Schechter, Amy Jo Tharp, and Ruthie Winget. 

Mayor Jack E. Rowden presided. 

Motion by Councilman Jason Teeter, seconded by Councilman Dean Banker, to approve the minutes of May 8, 2017 as mailed.  Motion carried. 

Each member of the governing body was provided a copy of Municipal Judge Paula Sosa’s report for the month of May, showing 25 new cases brought before the court and $3,160.25 remitted to the city. Motion by Jason Teeter, seconded by Dan Corpening to accept the report.  Motion carried. 

City Inspector Josh Grubbs provided his monthly activities report.

Scott Schechter asked for approval for the use of Third Street from Main Street to Monroe Street and for the use of city water to flood Third Street for the Rotary Club’s Fourth of July duck race.  Motion by Shannon Crawford, seconded by Jason Teeter, to grant the request.  Motion carried. 

Mike Eshbaugh, with Kansas Dairy Ingredients, asked for permission to block off Tenth Street from Kennedy Street to KDI’s gate from 5:00 pm to 9:00 pm on July 31, 2017 for KDI’s employee appreciation dinner.  Motion by Banker, seconded by Corpening to grant the request.  Motion carried. 

Jan Leonard was present to discuss the continuation of the Raydene Park Trail from its current ending point at Thirteenth and Adams Streets to connect to the Stevens County Museum’s walking path. If the city’s grant application with the Kansas Department of Wildlife and Parks is successful, the city would be responsible for 20% of the estimated cost of $139,709.00.  Motion by Shannon Crawford, seconded by Dan Corpening, for the city to pursue the grant application.  Motion carried. 

Motion by Councilman Banker, seconded by Councilman Corpening, to authorize the mayor to execute the interlocal agreement between the city and Stevens County, allowing the county to receive 100% of the city’s statutory share of the recently enacted 1% county sales tax for a period of two years.  Motion carried. 

Motion by Corpening, seconded by Banker, that Ordinance No. 840, AN ORDINANCE DEFINING THE CITY LIMITS AND BOUNDARIES OF THE CITY OF HUGOTON, KANSAS AND REPEALING ORDINANCE NO. 519 IN CONFLICT HEREWITH, be passed.  Vote:  Councilman Banker, yes; Councilman Corpening, yes; Councilman Crawford, yes; and Councilman Teeter, yes.  Motion carried. 

City Clerk Thomas G. Hicks presented a breakdown of the city’s billing from the county on the city’s share of the dispatchers’ expenses.  Although the city’s percentage of its share of the dispatchers’ expenses remained the same at 30% for 2015 and 2016, the county’s billing reflected an increase of 20.71% for both wages and social security, an increase of 9.51% for retirement, and an increase of 29.60% for health insurance.  The totals billed for 2015 and 2016 were $66,502.66 and $81,471.25, respectively.   The county has been billing the city for 50% of the dispatchers’ expenses for 2017, which projects to $130,641.72.   The city has not paid anything to date.  Motion by Banker, seconded by Crawford, that the city pay $102,240.00 (based on a projected 40% share) for dispatchers’ expenses for 2017, the amount in the city’s 2017 budget.  Motion carried.  Prior to 2018, the city and county will negotiate an interlocal agreement with a set figure for the city’s share of dispatchers’ expenses, that will increase on an annual basis by the cost of living adjustment allowed by the state for that year’s budget. 

Motion by Corpening, seconded by Teeter, to appoint Logan Frederick as the city’s Alternate Member on the Board of Directors of the Kansas Municipal Energy Agency.  Motion carried. 

Mayor Jack E. Rowden announced the appointment of Marcus Amerin to the Golf Course Board, with term to expire April, 2021.  Motion by Banker, seconded by Corpening, to confirm the appointment. Motion carried. 

Mayor Rowden announced the re-appointment of Steve Rome and Rick Wolters to the Planning Commission, with terms to expire June, 2020.  Motion carried. 

Mayor Rowden announced the appointment of Neal Gillespie to the Board of Zoning Appeals, with term to expire June, 2020.  Motion carried. 

Motion by Dan Corpening, seconded by Shannon Crawford, to increase the wage of Logan Frederick by $2.00 per hour to $21.16 per hour, effective June 5, 2017.  Motion carried. 

Motion by Banker, seconded by Corpening, to promote Logan Frederick to the Head Lineman’s position.  Motion carried. 

Councilman Jason Teeter, who is also a member of the Board of Convention and Tourism Activities Board, reported that board is recommending expenditures from the Transient Guest Tax Fund in the amount of $1,000.00 to the Chamber of Commerce 4th of July Park Day and $100.00 to the Pheasant Heaven Ringneck Open Golf Tournament for the sponsorship of a prize hole.  Motion by Crawford, seconded by Corpening, to approve the expenditures.  Motion carried. 

Claims against the city were presented and audited.  Motion by Teeter, seconded by Crawford, that Appropriation Ordinances No. 2079 and 2080 be passed.  Motion carried. 

Motion by Corpening, seconded by Banker, that the meeting adjourn.  Motion carried.