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I moved a month ago, so why am I still receiving a bill from the city?

Meters are read on the 15th of each month and bills are sent on the 1st.  When you pay your bill, you are actually paying for consumption from six weeks ago. Example: You moved on May 27th--you will receive a bill on June 1st that includes consumption up to May 15th. Then on July 1st you will receive a bill that includes May 15th through May 27th.

How do I know if my bill is accurate?

If your bill seems exceptionally high or low, please contact the city office. The meter can be read again and the bill corrected if necessary. Unfortunately, mistakes do sometimes happen, and the city will correct the error accordingly.

High electric bills can result from faulty appliances or heating and cooling units working improperly.  High temperatures make your cooling units work even harder, and will increase your kilowatt usage, so bills will be considerably higher in the summer months. High water bills can result from a leak somewhere in your home.

Can you shut off my electricity for nonpayment during extreme temperatures?

The City of Hugoton is not governed by the Kansas Corporation Commission's shutoff rules. Temperature is taken into consideration, but does not control whether the utilities are shut off.

If my electricity is shut off for nonpayment, and the city office is already closed for the day, do I have to remain without electricity through the night?

No, reconnection services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days per week. Call the Power Plant at 620-544-2478, and an employee will collect your fees and reconnect your services. There is a $25.00 reconnection fee due before service will be restored.

Does the city have an even pay plan?

No, the city does not offer an even pay plan. The bill is due by the 15th of each month, and a late penalty applies after the 15th. If not paid, the utilities will be disconnected on the last working day of the month.

Does the city make any special pay arrangements in times of emergency?

The city will work with you and set up payment arrangements in times of emergency, such as unexpected medical emergencies. You must sign a payment agreement and adhere to the agreement in order to retain these privileges. You are allowed to do this twice per year as needed.

The bill I just received doesn't reflect the payment I made a week ago. Why does it show this previous balance?

Bills are generally printed between the 22-25th of each month. If your payment was made after the bills were printed, the bill will not show this payment. Your current balance can be found right above the due date on the bill, or you can check with the office for your current balance.

Does the City accept payment over the phone with a debit/credit card?

Yes. You are able to pay with a Debit/Credit card in the office, over the phone, or on-line by following the tabs at the top of the page.  You may also opt to pay with an e-check and set up automatic payments.


Last updated September 02, 2016 .

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